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The 2019 Leadership MasterClass


The ONLY success masterclass designed for channel professionals.


Suppose for a moment...

Where might you be professionally in one year if you mastered one leadership success habit a month?


Most channel professionals would improve their businesses dramatically by mastering just one success principle a year. Now you have the opportunity to master one per month, with the 2019 Leadership MasterClass.

The 2019 Leadership MasterClass

The Leadership MasterClass is a monthly class lead by the TWR founder Coach Tony Palmucci.  The goal of the Leadership MasterClass is to empower participants to master the 13 leadership principles that Coach Tony has found are the keys to unlocking one's leadership potential and propel you along your path the most quickly and completely.


Coach Tony will lead an interactive monthly webinar where he will explain a success principle, provide real life examples of channel clients he's working with right now, and discuss with attendees how they can apply the principle to their lives.  Then Coach Tony will discuss how participants can build that habit into their lives over the next month with homework that each participant can practice daily and report on at the next session.


Participants can also email Coach Tony with questions or roadblocks they experience along the way and get invaluable feedback from him to achieve mastery.

What You Get

Success Principles

Insights From Master

Group Participation

Books Club

Learn One Per Month

Build the Habits

What You'll Achieve

  • Learn & implement & new success principle monthly

  • Learn from Coach Tony what the top performers in the channel are doing to excel

  • Collaborate with other professionals

  • Increase your engagement at work

  • Improve your interpersonal relationships

  • Increase your output.  Get more done with less.

  • Take control of your business future and stop blaming others

  • Manage and lead others more effectively

  • Manage up, down and across more effectively

  • Build rapport with internal and external customers more easily

  • Get clear on what you want, what’s standing in your way, and how to get it

  • Integrate your business into your personal life

Join the Leadership MasterClass Now

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Spots are limited.

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